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About us

ICONIC MALAYSIA has successfully supported people who want to work in not only Japanese companies but also international companies.

We cover wide range of industries such as commercial, trading, manufacturing and IT with various positions.

ICONIC MALAYSIA belong to ICONIC Co., Ltd., Japanese recruiting agency established in 2008 and has office in 5 countries 7 locations.

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Our Strength
  • We have solid network with international companies based in Malaysia
  • Our dedicated Career Advisor delivers an excellent candidate
    for the right job.
  • We are available with English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia
    and Japanese speaking career advisor.
  • We offer executive search services across a wide range of industries.

Latest Job

Code: JKL0021453 27/11/2019


  • Industry: Manufacturer (Machine / Electric / Electronic)
  • Occupation: Technical occupations
  • Workplace: Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Salary: 7,000 - 7,000 MYR
Code: JKL0022034 27/11/2019


  • Industry: Retails / Services >> Others
  • Occupation: Sales and service occupations >> Customer support / Call center
  • Workplace: Pulau Pinang (Malaysia)
  • Salary: 5,000 - 7,000 MYR
Code: JKL0020326 27/11/2019


  • Industry: Construction / Real Estate
  • Occupation: Technical occupations >> Engineer (Sale Field Application)
  • Workplace: Selangor (Malaysia)
  • Salary: 4,000 - 5,000 MYR
Code: JKL0021284 27/11/2019


  • Industry: Trading company (General / Materials / Foods / Others) >> Food / Beverages / Cosmetics
  • Occupation: Technical occupations
  • Workplace: Selangor (Malaysia)
  • Salary: 2,800 - 5,000 MYR
Code: JKL0021283 18/09/2019


  • Industry: Manufacturer (Machine / Electric / Electronic) >> Industrial equipment
  • Occupation: Planning and management system job >> Executive / Business Planning and Management
  • Workplace: Singapore
  • Salary: 2,800 - 3,500 SGD
Code: JKL0021281 18/09/2019


  • Industry: IT / Communication >> Hardware vendor / Software vendor
  • Occupation: Sales occupations >> Sales jobs
  • Workplace: Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Salary: 4,000 - 6,000 MYR

The company we are working with (ICONIC GROUP)

Registration Process

Step 1
step regist #1
Register from iconicJob

Fill in your name and email address.
And just attach your CV.
Our career adviser will contact you after

Step 2
step regist #2
Consult with our career adviser

Arrange interview with our career adviser to talk about your previous career and your desire job.

Step 3
step regist #3
Job apply

Our career adviser will introduce you the position based on you previous career and desire job.
After you decide to apply, we also give you some advice about how to write your resume.

Step 4
step regist #4
Job interview with company

When you are invited to the job interview, we will set up its time, location and tool(face to face, skype and so on) depend on your sisuation. Our career adviser provide you the tips for the interview with company.

Step 5
step regist #5
Join new company

After being made an offer, you will get official terms from the company. It is important to make clear all points about which you worried and you want to make sure.

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